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Various devotional Bible studies are available below. In addition, you can visit the eBible Fellowship Devotionals site for content that may not be available here.

True Believer’s Minute Videos

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The End Will Not Come on Just Any Old Day

  • | Chris McCann
  • How the Bible teaches that the end must come according to God's prescribed plan which aligns with the Old Testament feasts.

Can 1600 Furlongs Represent 1600 Days?

  • | Chris McCann
  • A study on the phrase, “…a thousand and six hundred furlongs” found in Revelation 14:20 and how “furlongs” could relate to days.

Here is the Patience of the Saints!

  • | Chris McCann
  • A study of the phrase, “Here is the patience of the saints,” found in Revelation 14:12.