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Help Installing and Running the Paltalk Messenger

Installing the Paltalk Messenger software

Installing the Paltalk Messenger software will enable you to listen to our Sunday messages and ask questions during our Question and Answer times.

Speakers, headphones or headset are needed to listen. During the Sunday morning Bible Q&A time, questions can be asked by raising your hand in the room, and entering your question into the chat box when called to. For the evening Q&A times, go here for more information.

To install the Paltalk Messenger, simply go to the Paltalk web site and download and install the Paltalk Messenger software.

However, currently, the Paltalk Messenger can only be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows™. For machines running other operating systems such as Mac OS X or Linux, Paltalk has a product called Paltalk Express, a less featured version of Paltalk Messenger that can run in your browser.

Mac OS X and Linux users running Intel or AMD processors should have success running Paltalk Messenger under a virtual machine such as VMware Player (free), VMware Fusion (for Mac OS X), VirtualBox (free) or Parallels Desktop for Mac. However, any of these virtual machine solutions requires a licensed copy of Windows™ (Windows XP is adequate and uses less memory than newer versions). In addition, since around January 2012, a free Paltalk Messenger won’t start up in a virtual machine due to “security issues.” Users must purchase a blue or green nickname for their Paltalk Messenger to enable it to start it in a virtual machine environment.

Another possible future option for OS X and Linux users that as of this writing in mid-2011 doesn’t quite work for running Paltalk Messenger is the Wine or CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac/Linux Windows compatibility layers. At some point, these environments may run Paltalk sufficiently well to be useful.

In any case, one can listen over the corresponding MP3 or Ogg Vorbis streams if there’s one for the associated Paltalk Chat Room and all live events can be heard via phone or Skype.

Running the Paltalk Messenger for the First Time

Once you have the Paltalk Messenger installed, start it, create a nickname and login. In the Paltalk Messenger window, click the People tab near the bottom of the window, and change it to Rooms. In the search box, enter “EBible” (without the quotes) and click the little magnifying glass icon. Double-click on the desired room name such as EBible Fellowship or EBible Reading Fellowship to enter that room. Once you’ve entered the room, add the room to the Paltalk Messenger Favorites to make it easier to enter it in the future. To do that, click the Favorites menu item close to the top of the room window and click Add this Room to My Favorites. For the complete list of rooms maintained by EBible Fellowship, check here.


Although we are very grateful to the Lord for providing PalTalk as a means of us sharing the gospel live over the internet, we as a ministry do not endorse the PalTalk web site; nor do we recommend any room on PalTalk other than any rooms that EBible Fellowship itself opens up.